Be Better Informed of CEO, CFO, and Important Management Changes

Including all active CEO / CFO / Board Rosters for 4,000+ companies

We Process All Management Changes in 8-Ks, Form 3s, 10-Ks, 10-Qs, and More

About The Dataset
Active Coverage 4,000+ Companies
CEO Changes 25,000
Director Changes 160,000
Officer Changes 90,000
Total Changes 300,000+
We typically process a company's history back to 2004
Management Change Datafeed
History back to 2004
Nearly 40 data points per Management Change
Frequency is customizable

Monitor Existing Holdings:
  • Streamline due diligence with detailed company histories and CEO / CFO / Board timeline charts
  • Isolate impactful Management Changes with our robust screener
  • Customize PDF reports and have changes pushed directly to you via email
  • Be alerted to companies with multiple officer/director hires/departures in your InsiderScore recap
  • Manage board-level and executive gender diversity and tenures

Build Detailed Screens to Find New Ideas:
  • CFOs leaving after less than a year in the role
  • Departures by officers in Sales, Revenue, Technology, and other specific-roles
  • ‘Unplanned’ CEO departures where the Effective Date is very close to the Disclosure Date
  • Auditor changes and tenures

Excel Library: Build on Our Core Templates for Advanced Analysis

  • Board and Governance:
    Screen companies by CEO/CFO tenure, gain insight into overall director tenure, diversity, turnover and more. Output includes important CEO, CFO, Board, and Auditor details.
  • New CEOs:
    Analyze all CEO changes within the last year; highlighting companies with notable insider, buyback, officer/board turnover, and 13D activity AFTER the New CEO started.

Example of our New CEO Excel Template

Custom Reports – Important Management Change Screens Sent Via Email